Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend

Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend


(Name)! I congratulate you on your Birthday! Please always such a beautiful soul and a! Every now and always so happy that everything was covered by your smile! Happy Birthday, friend!

My dear friend! I congratulate you on your Birthday. For dry these words hard to understand what you mean to me! What you and I have lived, experienced so much! In good and bright moments in difficult moments you always been with me. No matter how much we have not seen, whether you though on the edge of the earth - I know you're there, even if we divide hundreds of roads and thou far from me. Rather more reliable and I have no rights. Thank you for what you have. Live happily ever after. May you keep your destiny. I love you!

My friend, you are my best friend! You know me better than myself! You always come to the aid of word and deed! I love you very much, and your birthday wish of warmth and love, happiness, joy, health and prosperity! Let your family are all healthy and happy in your heart harmony prevails, the soul will always love the music and all dreams come true! Happy Birthday!

____________ (Name)! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you to be as much fun and charming, beautiful and wonderful! May you always please everyone! In life and in work, waiting for you to success!

Birthday, think about what you dream ... Many desire most just seem overwhelming, it is real, is only a wish. I wish you the very fulfillment of the dream! Happy Birthday!

Remember, you and I went to school together? Remember how we were joking? Remember our children stupid feelings and concerns? Now all that remains in the distant past, memory, and reality is another. But you remain just as my dear friend. I sincerely hope that we will survive many ups and downs together, supporting and helping each other. Happy birthday, dear friend!

My dear friend! I congratulate you on your Birthday. I want you to hear the good and kind words and receiving flowers not only on that day. And I wish that this year you met your soul mate that she finally had found you - was one sidewalk with you, or traveled with you in a bus, and you born unearthly love. Be happy!

Girlfriend, you have now is light and is good festival - Birthday! Look around - the world is beautiful and wonderful, just before you begin to open the doors of life and the mysteries of life! Go ahead, become the owner of your destiny! Please always so beautiful and breakneck! Only those beautiful eyes you can see this wonderful world!

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