Birthday love sms

Birthday love sms


My darling - nice, sweet, kind and gentle, a single all over the world! Her Birthday - for me the best holiday of the year! I want to wish your loved always remember that it is - my princess, whose feet I am ready to put the whole world! Please always rosy, cheerful, walk with head held high and do not lose your inspiration Appreciate every moment and help with their beauty and charm lit brighter than the sun!

More recently, I was free as the wind, and my single, unmarried parties were sometimes so dull as you do not want to remember ... in my house was chilly and not cleaned and of course I was hungry ... but once I love ... strange, gentle creature, as if from another world, my fiancee said to me in return - and my whole life changed. Now the house is warm and cozy, I'm no longer hungry, and evenings with loved so beautiful that absolutely do not want to go to sleep! I know I am not the master say, but I hope that I was able to talk a little bit about what kind of glad you're next to me ... I wish you a happy birthday, I love my only, be happy!

Harmonic - as birch, eyes - bright as stars, voice - a song of spring brook. What a pity we do not live in the XIX century, I would definitely Pushkin said about you, and he would write immortal work of thy beauty and our love! Beloved, today, in your birthday and always, I will speak to you words of love! Sing loud every day, my bird, rejoice every moment, not vtomlyuysya smile and know - you are the one who loves you!

We know each other for many years, but only recently decided to combine our destiny. Today I can not understand why we waited so long, but I'm happy because we have ahead of eternity our love! Beloved is mine, I greet you a happy birthday and wish you sunny joy, grace of fortune, good health and inspiration to carry every day a feast!

Birthday sweetheart, I have prepared a magnificent bouquet of royal flowers - roses. But the softness of petals can be compared with your skin, and their freshness - with your freshness and beauty! Yet receive flowers as a token of my love! Let a smile always playing on your lips, let mischievous stars always shine in your eyes! Be happy, Queen of my heart!

My love! You're happy in your birthday, and I have no words to express the whole range of my feelings to you about where you, however, and everything you know, because right now I'm reading an answer to your recognition in your eyes! I wish you with all my heart always be pleased with himself, flirty and tender, laugh fervently and generously give their heat relatives, among whom, I dare to hope and you will find me a place of honor! Just know I love you and, if necessary, carry them to the edge of the world in his hands!

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