Little girls happy birthday wishes

Little girls happy birthday wishes


Birthday I want to tell you so many nice words, my dear, gentle, mysterious, and wish you health, luck, happiness and success in all endeavors. But perhaps all the beautiful words able to outshine bouquet of your favorite flowers! Happy Birthday again, my dear!

My dear!
Today is the day when all the words fade before thy beauty and uniqueness. You came into this world, like Aphrodite from the sea foam - a remarkable phenomenon of nature, putting a lot of generations of women who gave you all the best. Your image diverts my thoughts to such heights where there is the breath of God and the angels sing eternal grace in the world. Are you nice and quiet, you give light and give hope for the best. I thank you a happy coincidence when the Creator breathed in your beautiful body soul and you began to live the good fairy tale, in which all the characters happy and kind-hearted. Happy Birthday!

My angel!
It's your birthday. Today you came into the world to make the world a kinder and more beautiful. With your advent on earth was more light and warmth, and the sky was a warmer and more. There, in the sky, a place only for the most beautiful dreams. And one of them - my. I have a dream that you lived happily ever after, so that your house was happy haven for weary friends to food cooked in thy hand, was delicious and healing. But let him in your house there is a place for my gift. I want to give you your future - a future in which all who are near and dear to you, with you, and no force that could break this union loving you people. Happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday. This holiday gather your friends, brought together by your family. But no one can understand how I waited for this day. I want to make your life was simple and bright. To your path was easy and joyful to people around you were sparks and kind-hearted. You're sweet as an angel, and there are no words that could describe the feeling that boils in my chest when I see you. You - a reflection of my feelings brightest and most sublime thoughts. Any side by side, and I the happiest man. If you let me ... Happy Birthday!

In my mind many words that are so eager to escape as wild birds want to break the rocks and throw deep into the seething valley. But I so want to be close to you, it is better to keep silent. Let my eyes tell you how happy I look at you. Let touch my hand to remind you that you will always be kept under my protection unsleeping. Thinking of you, I imagine the house of our dreams, where you live and I'll be so happy that even the gods envy us. I wish you a happy birthday and wish that every drop of my love gradually filled your heart and made you even more beautiful.

Once heaven and earth who argued with them prettier
sky to bring the beauty shown Stars
and the land that would prove her beauty showed you.
Good morning, darling!

Here are morning and comes into its own, leaving behind the darkness and gloom of night. Everything is waking up from sleep and rejoice ascending sun. How I wish you and smiled new day and met him with me. Though I am now far away, but my thoughts are with you in your morning light.

Let this wonderful day you will appreciate the ocean of pleasant surprises and this joy will go with you the rest of his life. Be happy, because my happiness without your does not exist!

Good, good girl congratulations on holiday. We wish you love in your personal life, career, workplace and success in all endeavors. Does the same attractive, feminine, charming, gentle and fun.
All flowers and gifts just in your honor. Happy Birthday!

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