Husband birthday cards printable

Husband birthday cards printable


Now I want to raise a glass to drink to her beloved husband. For this wonderful man who tolerates me for years, and yet not killed; According to long that lasts for years and love that I feel every day.
Osvidchuvatysya in love every day something does not work, so I once again make it a year in advance. You understand me and wonderful and the best! Dear, Happy you!

When 10 years ago I got married, I thought I was lucky my husband: and beautiful, and smart, and bold, and hands from the place where it is necessary ... But I knew I was not lucky and very fortunate !
It is often said: "Great is seen in the distance." And now, years later, having received from you wonderful children, like you, I understand how happy I am woman.
Happy Birthday to you, dear! Remain the same as you've always been: Realizing kind, intelligent and caring. And we - your family - we love you even more.

Today I have a great holiday - the birthday of my beloved husband. This is probably the greatest triumph that I have is the year. Why?
Because if not you, my dear Andrew, then I would not be what I so dearly: my friendly and noisy family, my children and my beloved coffee in bed every day!
And even if I am unhappy with you sometimes, you know - I love you selflessly! Happy birthday, my favorite, my one and wonderful people!

This morning the sun outside. This is because you, my super-duper man's birthday. Even nature is glad that once this day was born a great man, which today I am proud to call her husband and the father of my children.
We are with you, my Pete, go hand in hand through life for many years. And every day I am convinced that my choice was right, when she married the best man in the world. Happy Birthday to you, my love!

Today I woke up with a sense of celebration. And no wonder! After all, today's your birthday!
Usually you cook it in the morning coffee, as always rises before everyone else. But today I decided to do it.
This is usually the first morning you say to me, "I love" and kisses on the cheek. Today I'll be the first.
I am grateful to destiny that I have my husband. My favorite people to whom I can always rely on and who supports me in difficult times.

Happy Birthday to you.
On this day I want to talk to you, gentle, kind words. I want to thank you for what you are, we are. What are you - a loving husband, a good father, a wonderful friend and a lot -many your incarnation of superlatives could be counted.
Let's not every day you hear these words from me, you know how I love you!
Happy birthday, darling!

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