Happy Birthday (50 Years Old)

Happy Birthday (50 Years Old)


You - our roadmap,
our compass true! Please accept our sincere congratulations and wishes of prosperity, happiness and good luck in all matters and endeavors! Happy 45th anniversary, our road!

We do not know
as you say, but here's for years ... You have many years lacked our warm and emotional words! We are impressed by your splendor, your perfection. Receive our best praise. And in this solemn day for all of us wish to be mysterious, desirable, funny, humble, persistent, purposeful, strong, persistent, courageous, of course feminine. Let and zest that you are never in does not disappear! Be happy. Happy anniversary. After 50 - is just the beginning of everything.

You, a sincere,
happy and incredibly attractive, I welcome the anniversary of 50 years! Let everything that has not come true in life - come to pass in that day! Let love and joy burn your eyes, but the heart does not leave the light sparkling with happiness! Let all the gifts that life brings you, will only desirable and important for you! I want you to live life so that then nothing had to spare! I wish you health, stronger than steel and this love that you were afraid to approach trouble! At 50 life is just beginning, so go for it! Everything you need you already have and what I want - to be sure, because a good man like you just can not be anything! Hello!

I congratulate you on the anniversary!
Today you turned 65, but life has just begun! Let all what you do not want to remember, left behind somewhere, and that you will never in my life had to go through this! Let life abounds and that all dreams are still not realized, come true!

Happy Birthday!
80 years - is a venerable age, and I wish you the respect and warm attitude of the people around them. Let the family give you love, and your days will be bright and cheerful. I wish you never miss nothing and always find a reason to smile!

On the 45th Anniversary!
Have you lived each day, will be passed for good reason, he may be satisfied with a positive charge. I want to be able to enjoy life like a child. Be in good health and able to new exploits. Happy anniversary.

Man so many years,
on how he feels. So I congratulate you on your 30th anniversary! Stay in the 80 and 100, and 125 is the same that you are today - happy, cheerful and healthy! I warmly welcome!

I congratulate you on the 80th anniversary,
on your anniversary! With all my heart and all my heart I wish that love never left your heart! I wish you the house - full cup, wish fulfillment of all previously unfulfilled desires! Let this joyful and a little sad day you left the bad behind, behind, and that no one ever forced you to look back and regret anything! Let all your favorite memories and events always live in your heart! Let these events will be more, because you have many years have been happy to share moments of true and faithful friends! No doubt - you the happiest woman in the world! Happy anniversary! Health to you and your family!

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