Funny 50th Birthday Wishes

Funny 50th Birthday Wishes


80 is like 20 again,
because basically biological age - it's nothing compared to how much you in the shower. And you are so beautiful, our mother. So let moments of happiness are mentioned with a smile, even health never leaves you. I wish to pass the days were not wasted and usefully. Stay in humor. Happy anniversary.

Today we celebrate
wonderful anniversary beautiful lady - beautiful, clever, human capital letters. We would like to sincerely congratulate you on your 55th anniversary! You were nice way and you can be proud of. You - a charming woman, indispensable specialist, beautiful wife, a loving mother and a beautiful young grandmother. You can say with absolute certainty - yes, life is good! But knowing your energetic nature, we believe - in front of you new successes and achievements. We wish you health, more positive emotions and bright events, interesting creative life filled with love, family warmth, understanding and inspiration.

55 - the beautiful age,
velvet season of life. No wonder they are two of five in a row - perhaps someone up there, put a high estimate on perfectly intervening years. All major difficulties and vicissitudes of life is over, the emphasis placed, priorities identified, estimates put - two five! It's a great age, it wisdom, beauty and strength, and in front - only the best. 55 - not age, is the peak of life, the top of which, at a glance, shows all lived, experienced, and what is beautiful, what should aspire. So wish health for many years to come true is desired and planned!

Today is your 30th anniversary -
happy holiday! In this bright and festive day wish you drowning in money, awash with love and happiness to know! You are not just the person you are - a woman. You are not just a woman - you are most beautiful, honest, charmingly beautiful woman! Let all the problems and bad weather, only just saw you die a painful death to all of the following that you want to visit feared! Let life and fate give you only the most desirable gifts, happiness and even love you more love itself! Happy anniversary! Today is your day, your celebration!

This day is special for you
I want to congratulate the great anniversary! 50 years - life is just beginning, of course I want to wish a long hard life, most importantly - a powerful health, happiness, great, career growth! More stuff like that, in the same direction and move. Grandsons and granddaughters more, remain the same charming woman, about a mother and a wonderful person! With all my heart and soul again welcome! Happy anniversary! On the 50th anniversary!

Welcome you to the age of Christ!
I wish you creative insight, durable and strong spirit! Let on your life's journey are found faithful and true friends, even enemies will respect! For you have not touched the problems and bad weather! Happy Birthday!

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