Funny birthday greetings for women

Funny birthday greetings for women


Today, in honor of your holiday, we want to wish you to be strong in spirit and gentle soul, with good open and close! Do not grieve and believe that happiness tomorrow you smile even brighter than today! I also want to wish you always surrounded by only the most worthy men and the best of them - was your husband, loyal friend for life!

Today we welcome birthday amazing woman! She is the embodiment of the spring goddess Flora, in his soft hands stands happiness of his family, is able to stand up for their happiness and at the same time - is you! She is beautiful, intelligent and kind, will always find the right word and does not contain a sincere smile, when pleased! So let's wish her ??happiness, luck and endless love!

Today in our world for women opened all the way, they can make discoveries, manage cities and engage thousands of interesting and challenging cases! But today I want to give deserved praise to the one who chose his house, devoted herself to family and thus made ??a lot of people really happy! Happy Birthday! And I want to wish you many years of sun and good luck!

I welcome the birthday person amazing and unusual fate! Every day this beautiful woman skillfully plays many roles - a skilled leader, a loyal friend and a loving mother, a faithful wife ... She makes it all and not knowing fatigue, daily walks with a smile. So let the same fate will celebrate its generously obdaruye all the benefits of this birthday

Each is known happiness ... In your birthday, I would not want to be limited only to general and customary greetings, although of course I wish you many years of good health and constant good luck! But as I heartily wish you find the happiness that fate intended for you! Let it be unique, colorful as a rainbow, let every day be missed in its excess, as lack of stars in the clear sky!

How strange the world works! Women - beautiful, fragile creatures, but their hands are concentrated great power, able to conquer men's hearts and change the world! And today I want to congratulate the birthday of strong fairer sex and wish her to stay unique and feminine, do not know no fatigue, no sorrow, and every day the power of their female charms to make the world perfect, and their loved ones - more happy!

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