Birthday Love Messages

Birthday Love Messages


I believe that each person has his own destiny, but it is able to change it, sending in the right direction ... the birthday of a loved one, I thank heaven for what we have built together, and I wish her ??only cloudless happiness and ability to direct their own lives as he considers true! Let all composed well, okay and safely!

The most important thing for me today - to congratulate you, my beloved one, Happy Birthday! Have you ever not be cause for sorrow, but every day will be a hundred reasons to smile and believe that you in heaven shining lucky star! You have fun, good luck, you will never refuse to help you strong and courageous, because Remain so many years!

My beloved! If only I was a sorceress, I would momentarily fulfilled all your desires, but I do not have a magic wand, so I just will always nearby. And your birthday by saying how much I love you, wish you health and festive mood, inspiration and luck, and let every moment of your life is unique and amazing!

On his birthday, my beloved, you syayesh Cheshire cat smile, you're like a boy, radio and gifts, zaduvayuchy candles on the cake, guess the most sought after ... My beloved! Let all that you think about - would come true, let a smile and good humor will not leave you! Be happy today and all the days of your life!

Today - your best day of the year, Birthday, and in the holiday hustle and bustle, when the house is full of guests, I catch your every look and smile, and finally found a moment hug, so that I hear the beating of your heart. my beloved ..! I will not hesitate no, I want again to confess his love for you! I love, appreciate and cherish you too! Be happy for real, look boldly forward!

One time had a beautiful dream, wake up, we say: "What a pity! It was just a dream ... ". My love! I want to force my love joined with my heart wishes to your birthday, and they were filled! Let your life be the best of beauty sleep! I wish you did not know fatigue and always be full of energy and willingness to carry out his plans; let not your way of obstacles and doubts, but abundant luck and inspiration!

About love for you I'm ready to talk endlessly, my dear! And as I can in your birthday greeting to one and wishes to reveal all that feel? I will talk to you about it very long, but a little later ... but now that crowded around family and friends, I will not steal you from them, and just congratulate and wish to always be the way you want to be myself, to fulfill their desire and every day shine with happiness!

In fairy tales often have to perform prince princess wishes to earn its location, and then she realizes that he is good ... I do not like such a fairy tale! In my tale today in beautiful Prince feast on human and I loved it I wish him happiness and promise that I will not play up and ask for golden apples. Better wish him to be strong and wise as the dragon, faithful as gray wolf, and, of course, happy, because of the happiness in life comes tale!

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