Birthday greetings for wife

Birthday greetings for wife


Miles my wife! In your holiday, the Day You Were Born, I want to tell you not only how much I love you, but how I happened to find happiness. Our story begins as the story gem. Although initially known that the treasure is found, it takes time and effort to skillful with facet stones shone, zaiskryvsya every facet. And he needs a decent frame. Framing our love began years of marriage. And now, gently taking your hand in his, I again want to say that I love you and I promise you many years of happy life!

I remember the excitement of the night before our wedding. I had to write wedding vows, but a letter in front of me remained clean. I knew that I did not have enough no words, no paper to tell all that I feel, and move it to the promise that I, of course, will have to perform before you sign on to our love. So I decided to write, I love you, I'll always and everywhere close to you and do everything that you were happy. And today, the day you were born, I am happy that he was able to fulfill all that he promised then. And this I am ready again to wish for our future every day and hour!

My favorite! Every day, holidays or during the week, early in the morning, in the afternoon and late evening, you for me always beautiful, delicate, beautiful and desirable. But today, your birthday, I am particularly fascinated by you and can not find words to tell you all that I feel at this moment, but I think you understand it, and so, so long as we are together ... I love you and Happy birthday from all his loving heart!

In your eyes frozen spark of mischief and coquetry, lips - shadow perky smile and blush cheeks burning as a rose! Your beauty every year is becoming brighter and deeper, she plays with new shades and I do not get tired you admire. Happy birthday, my one and only wife, my wife! Remain the same cheerful and gentle, and be sure all your dreams come true!

My favorite, precious wife! I want to go to your birthday, I say thank you for all that you filled my life. You brought to our house warm and cozy, you supported me and was glad my success, you gave me good children, which can not see a lot, because they - copy you! You - the meaning of my life, you - the one ray of light, which to warm a cold, and will show the right path. I love you, Happy birthday and wish you fulfill all dreams and hopes!

I remember the day of our wedding, the day when we became husband and wife - not on paper, but to heaven. On the day we swore to each other - and years lived together, strengthened our vows. To love each other in sickness and in health, in wealth and in poverty, in joy and sorrow. Favorite! On your birthday I wish you and our marriage another century, that he will only health, wealth and happiness! I believe in heaven see how we love each other, and give us happiness!

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