Birthday wishes for wife

Birthday wishes for wife


You took a tough, most sacred place in my heart. Long and hard - and now that year remain there ukorinyuyuchys love. You frequently ask me what I love. I do not know what to say to you. Just even your biggest drawback for me is always - a little dignity.

Today I first congratulate you with Happy Birthday by this appeal "My dear man." If you only knew how happy I am for what she gave me just such a man as you - the dream of every woman. Any same happy in this world, my dear!

This bright day I can rightly be considered and my second birthday. After all, today was born person with whom we are not the first marching hand in hand down the road of life. With him I did not scary, and any obstacle seems to change for the better. Dear, thanks for everything!

We have lived with you seems life hand in hand! We both no longer young, and at this day, your birthday I want to give you these words ...
You know you've become a gift of fate for me, my right hand! You're like no one else supported me in the difficult moments of life. With you we have gone through a lot, but every second I know - you're there, you always find a way out! Thank you for this!
I want to continue to share with you every moment, to keep up, but would never let health, and I heartily wish you that. Be cheerful spirit, strong and durable, my dear man!
Thank you for our children, for your reverent attitude toward them, for attention, love, affection and care! You - the best father!
Be happy, and I will do everything to make you not touched troubles to your every day be filled with the world, the love and peace of mind!

My beloved, valuable, desirable, faithful and devoted husband, loving father of sympathetic pity! Today closed another Stanytsia life - was another happy year! And now I wish to continue to book our common life was filled with love, warm heat is secured! That you felt the support of the family, we will not fail! Happy birthday, dad and husband!

My dear! We married recently, but I have a feeling that we know each other forever! And I do not believe that once were years spent without you!
You - my support, my Captain! Lead me in my life, be my commander, chief, boss, and I'll obedient slave! I'm yours!

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