Birthday wish for wife from husband

Birthday wish for wife from husband


Beloved wife! You to me like a ray on a dark night. You warm my soul with his kindness. I know you're always there. And because I love you so much. I want to do for you all that I can, and more. Because relatives and closer than you, I have no one. No woman is worth even the little finger of your finger. Because you are to me - everything. I wish you love and warmth, understanding and support, happiness and joy. Let not only this day, but every moment of your life you will be happy, my dear wife! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear! May that day come true all your wishes and dreams! Let the sun illuminates luck your way and warms your soul! Let smile always decorating your face! Let your life be full of kindness and comfort! May you always be true friends! Let your way to not grief and tears! Let spring always live in your heart! Happy Birthday!

My lovely wife! On the day of your birth you want to say thanks! Thank you, dear, for the love and warmth that warms me! Thank you for your understanding and support, so I need! Thank you for your smile and your laughter! They bring joy to my heart. Thank you for your gentle hug that warms my soul! Thanks for the sage advice that helped me many times in my life! Thanks for what you believe in me! This belief has repeatedly saved me from falling and give the desire to go forward! Thanks for the comfort of our home, which is so important for me! Thank you for what you are to me! Happy Birthday!

Favorite and most native! Today is a special day - your birthday! You know what I want to tell you always live in my heart. Maybe you rarely hear these words from me, but behold, I very much love you! You most native and close to me man! After years of testing and I am the first one to love you, which caught fire in my heart many years ago! And every day I love you more and more! Be happy, my dear! Happy Birthday!

Favorite! I congratulate you happy birthday. I can not speak beautifully, but I know how to love. I will not give you half the world and the west. But I give you my love. All these years I constantly thank fate for what she sent me to marry you, a gentle, intelligent, beautiful, wise and patient. I thank you my love, that you tolerate me next to you, such opposite and grouchy. But that I love you no less. Happy birthday, dear. Be happy, and I'll try to do it all.

Beloved wife of the anniversary of our wedding!
I want to always see you with a smile, in love with life and happy! Let your eyes shine with joy, and soul sounds enchanting music of happiness! I'll try to make this for all their efforts.

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