Happy birthday greetings for her

Happy birthday greetings for her


Let this day, the day of your ___ - anniversary, brighter sun rises, let the joy of living close darkness! What do you want? Of course, health - it's the best gift! Happiness - a beautiful gift! And I want to love you wish. Keep it huge, clean, like a diamond! Want out of your face never went smile to your eyes shone with joy!

God created Indian - hardworking, Africans - passionate, Frenchwoman - a spicy, German woman - economic, American - business. And all the best feminine qualities combined in you. Remain the same wonderful and loved!

Be happy, always unique, want to be loved and to love! Let thy way is always the most beautiful flowers bloom, and there, wherever you went, always be a holiday! Happy Birthday!

I wish you happiness in this world is great, let always have a smile in your face, let him always be next to you dearest friends. Be always happy.

Good mood, spices favorite colors, cheerful smiles and happiness to wish your birthday!

I wish you a Happy Birthday! I wish you to be always so emotional, cheerful, sincere and joyful! This very bright day of your life I never want to miss, because everything that happens - for the best and always remember it! Let your life be one solid white stripe, not only, but also replete with all the colors of the rainbow, except gray and black!
I wish that all your endeavors ended the desired results, and that you are always proud of you! Have you anything and never have to regret, and this may go with your life sorrow and weather. Have fulfilled all your hopes and desires! Happy Birthday, the most beautiful woman on earth!

Joy, happiness, kindness, charm you want in this bright day, dear! Never regret rokb because the front - only the most-most better! Every day, with every wrinkle, you get better and more beautiful! Happy birthday, dear! I you really, really treasure Thou for me - a light in the window, like a breath of fresh air, as eternal and inexhaustible passion!

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