Greetings for wife

Greetings for wife


Honey, welcome!
Nice, now I do not have with you there, but do not worry! My thoughts are always with you! I congratulate you on the anniversary and I wish to celebrate this fun holiday. Let now gather your closest people, give many gifts and make this day unforgettable wonderful!

Words can not say so, as the heart.
And listening to it, I want to tell you, my dear, that you mean a lot unthinkable in my life, and even if it is invisible from the outside, believe me - it is! I wish you to be the same as you were for me always - beautiful, good, very, very, very ... Happy anniversary you!

40 years - much of it?
Not a bit! In 40 years of life is just beginning, in the prime of a man ready for new exploits and discoveries, ready to go back and change something in your life. It is essential that congratulations on 40 years bore the parting words that are able to cheer in a difficult moment. Ahead of many trips!

On the 50th anniversary of the road my wife!
As you wish, my dear, in this glorious day, the day of your birth. I want the world you lived lighter and more fun to continue, as in the early years, you were slender and young. To waltz in as easily and freely pamorochylosya, stay such live and hello.

My greatest achievement in life - this is the only and beloved wife!
We have many happy experiences shared experiences and life situations, they made ??us more and more akin to one another. This emotional closeness brings understanding and smoothing relations between us, people from different planets - the mountain of muscle and muscle men are from Mars and strong in his weakness women from Venus.

My dear!
I congratulate you on this wonderful holiday - 55 Happy Birthday! You're the most wonderful man in the world! Let your life is such that nothing could change you and your character! I wish you every year becoming laskavishe, softer and wiser! I love you. Your husband.

Dear wife!
50 - a time of smiles! In this day of warmly welcome you! I wish you everything that one could wish: a pleasant environment, love and respect! Let no anxiety on the way there, it will come true, as mriyetsya! Love, happiness! To live as many more years without sorrow, unhappiness and misery!

Let this day - the only holiday home, not red-letter day in the calendar, but it is very happy and wonderful, because on that day you came to Earth. I want to congratulate you on this bright day and heartily wish you good health and joy to all!

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