Birthday wishes for girlfriend

Birthday wishes for girlfriend


Happy Birthday, dear! Let all the problems will be removed from your destiny forever and pleasant moments will occur every second, joy and happiness reflected in your eyes!

Let this wonderful day you will appreciate the ocean of pleasant surprises and this joy will go with you the rest of his life. Be happy, because my happiness without your does not exist!

Mother mine, let all your desires fulfilled at the same moment as they come into your head light! Council will continue all their loved ones, because the time spent with you, brings great joy!

Happy Birthday, dear! Let your whole life be like a tale of magic, kindness and unforgettable miracles! But for me the greatest miracle you in the world!

I wish you every day to laugh, to be happy and enjoy every minute of life! In the meantime, you will be swimming in happiness, I will fill your life with our love!

Little. You know that I rarely dare to talk about their feelings. But your birthday I still naberusya courage and say: you are loved and desired girl in the world!

My whole life was a dream - to find a single girl. Thank you, this dream has come true in time! Happy Birthday, little!

All the while I think on thee, my sun. You're done, born, otherwise I would not see happiness. Be just as dazzling as it is today, the world and always warm! And I'll be there to drive you from the clouds.

When it is cloudy warms me your warm sun! When your appearance is all at once, as if lit sun! Stay always the same radiant and irresistibly beautiful! Happy Birthday!

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