Birthday wishes for baby boy

Birthday wishes for baby boy


How wonderful your birthday, my best, my only! I love to look at your emotion and on - spoil children face when you expand a golden wrap another gift! It's great! Happy Birthday, be happy and lucky in every way!

Happy birthday, my dear! Stay brave and courageous, honest and noble, wise and fair! Well, I, your faithful and loyal friend always be near you wherever you are.

What a miracle this birthday, when all welcome only you, only you and smile ... just like you too! My dear, my idol in all, I know and truly believe in you! You're worthy of love! Be happy and let luck will always be next to you!

Please accept my congratulations on his birthday. Accept gifts and assess the sincerity of friendship, and maybe ...! Riddle, right! But not for me! Guess if you like! Well, while walking and shout the glory!

You have a birthday today. And we wish something special, something warm and pleasant. I wish in the way of his life not to meet with any regret, nor sorrow, nor disappointment. Celebrate the only good people in my life. Take it all joy of life, bright colors, and the light of day. And if get lost, raise your head, look at the sky and ask the Lord for help. Let all your dreams, one by one come to life. Let your family you always happy. All difficult situations, may turn into a valuable experience. And memories are stored in memory only good. And know that you are a good person, and there will always be people who will help you in any situation. Happy Birthday to you!

They say that when a person is born, at the same point in the sky lights up its star. What shines him for life to the last breath. On your birthday I wish that this star helped you in life. To his bright light it inspired you to good works. Let her bright light adds energy to overcome the difficulties. And with no one to talk, just come out, look at the sky and tell her all that sore at heart. I wish if you cry, only joy. If you laugh, you just sincerely. If you love it with all my heart. If disappointed, but only in those people who you unnecessary nearby. If you jump, then happiness. If you dream it to achieve its goals. If you believe it with all my heart!

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