Happy birthday wishes for girlfriend

Happy birthday wishes for girlfriend


Darling, darling, dear friend. In your birthday welcome you and wish three things: love - huge, mutual, bottomless, money - many mountains and infinite health. Flowers, gifts, smiles, laughter and chocolates dedicated.

Today in this bright summer day, you my friend Happy Birthday congratulations. I wish to avoid losses in life and be just as charming and beautiful. Let your life be always full of events, like a miracle. I wish you happiness, joy and health.

My friend. I am very happy to be close to you in your birthday! Today, you look just fine, however, as always! I want you to be the same young, blooming, cheerful, happy and sociable! Let age on the passport does not bother you, because in my heart, I have something that's for sure know you will always be 18! In Your Holy I want to say that I was very lucky in my life to meet you and make friends with you! I appreciate our friendship and am sure that it will last for decades! Be happy, my dear!

My only friend ...
On the day of your birthday, I want to use the drive and once again tell you how much you are dear to me. I wish you more positive emotions, peace and tranquility in the soul, good luck in all your endeavors, and, of course, the eternal charm. Be happy, dear!

On this wonderful day, I wish you, my friend loved, just only the best! I want and beauty, the spark of happiness that shone in your eyes the day we met, and irrepressible energy always remained faithful to you. Happy, my only and most faithful friend ...

How many years you and I are friends? Long. And I think I know you all my life. Over the years we have experienced many of you together, sharing with each other the joys and challenges, and thou art to me a truly loved one. On your birthday I wish you all the very good and light, let love always burns brightly in your heart, let the kids delight you, let health fails, even at work all goes well. Let your house lived happiness, luck and prosperity!

On your birthday, my dear friend, you look dazzling! This is not because you combed, wearing makeup and dressed nicely, but because your eyes glow! Would you like to be in the same mood, radiate optimism, share with others the joy and positive! Today you - a real star and I wish you every future day to shine, no less!

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