Happy Birthday Dad

Happy Birthday Dad


Dad - the 60 th anniversary!
We wish wisdom, kindness and generosity. To health did not allow failure. The mood was always on top. The family shall be the warmth and comfort.
Good luck, luck, luck.

Dear Dad,
Look forward, look back! Life goes and it has just begun! And you have this experience behind him! You are 50, oh that wonderful date! This means that even managed to get so many ways, to experience difficulties, grief and separation, and even had to go through the sea of sorrow, they bring you a great experience! Can you give advice, help, tell me the correct way to send their children and grandchildren. Well, is not this happiness! Let the time comes, let the years rush, look forward with hope - you only 50! It is therefore not covered many ways, it means that you still come as road where you meet are so many good people! YOUTH your heart and soul, and it is - most importantly!

On the 60th anniversary of his birth.
Comes date and the starting date when fed once up, and mentioned the case and achievements, all the best that life could do! Long years will form a happy day and will bring together more than once good friends in the fire, heat and light good excuse - a glorious jubilee. Let fate do not skimp on joy, generosity, warmth of the soul, all that is conceived, let life come true, let him fill the house smiles and flowers.

My dear father, you - my best friend, my support and the support of my wall, on which you can always easily hide! In your fortieth birthday I wish you long life
love, peace, happiness and warm our hearts! Still wish you
never get upset over little things, do not take offense at our
stupid jokes ... We love you Mom, value and no
give up! Happy anniversary!

Wish beloved daddy in his thirtieth birthday is
grieve over nothing, not relax, do not give up
failures! I want to gain confidence in themselves, their laughter
ward off from himself all the problems and troubles! And I wish you,
Daddy, do not hesitate their feelings, shine in the sky colored
rainbow, crumble to the ground New Year snow, more surprise
us with my mother wonders and gifts! Happy Birthday!

My dear daddy!
Since you stepped holiday! Let this serious and big date will not come to your throat gay, desperate songs not forgotten how you enjoy life and enjoy it every day! I warmly welcome you, our young Hero of the day!

Our Dad!
On the birthday cake candles burn 60, and how much you have yet to hear speeches holidays, because you're the best dad in the world. And we, your children, you want to say thank you so much time that we always pay. Be healthy and happy, good people must always be happy.

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