Anniversary Birthday

Anniversary Birthday


My closest friend, I congratulate you on the anniversary! Despite his age, you are beautiful, cheerful and full of energy, as in his youth. You for me as a sister. If I have trouble, you always help me. Stay always so and let our friendship grows stronger day by day.

"Welcome to today"
Welcome to today, our favorite Hero of the day! Today, we all wish you clear skies, bright sun, so you do not become older, but molodily! And if you put life difficult puzzles, then you declare them with ease, it's the age when "youth already knows and maturity can still" fate pulls and promises of happiness and spinning along! On the anniversary of this day!

"You have lived half a century"
You have lived for half a century and seen many amazing things that happened around you. Now you have time to relax and knit socks for her grandchildren! Happy anniversary you!

"I warmly welcome"
I warmly congratulate you on your anniversary! Today, you have a very significant date, so I wish you well celebrate this holiday. Have you surround favorite people and let them accompany you good mood. Let your desires are always fulfilled and let the house you will always be the same warm and cozy atmosphere. Happy!

Daughter, now a great holiday, today is your "anniversary" birthday! I can not describe in words the emotions, I am so glad for you, my dear! I want to wish you to be always the same wise, beautiful and good. Happy anniversary, my dear!

Dear sister, let me congratulate you on the anniversary. It's really a great date that will allow you to open up new opportunities. So I wish you that your desires are always fulfilled no matter what. Be happy and let you always surround yourself close and native people. Happy!

Dear and beloved friend, I heartily congratulate you on the anniversary. You're a wise woman who is always ready to give excellent advice, you can rely on and trust you. I wish you peace and composure, be strong no matter what. Happy!

My dear mother, I congratulate you on the anniversary. To me, you are a true example of a wise, beautiful and kind woman. So I do try to be like you. On this holiday, I wish you never miss and always remain the same loving mother and a loyal friend. Happy, darling!

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