Wishes grandmother

Wishes grandmother


On the day sunny and bright I hasten to congratulate the birthday of the beloved and of a good man in the world! Did you grandmother, my older sister, girlfriend and mother. I wish you good health, because it can not be bought for any money, happiness, I'll give it to you, love and attention that I'm not deprived. Hello!

That's the morning birds sing especially today, and the sun shines brighter than usual, so that the day has come? Birthday in the most wonderful, loving grandmother and understands the world! Please always the same kind, cute, nor faint sickness in the house is not allowed, and great-grandson dochekaysya smile as often as possible!

Grandma preparing all better. Grandma knows how to make an amazing surprise that will be remembered forever. Grandma teaches all that need in life, and uncover many secrets that have to know this woman. Grandma - the wisest, understanding smart world. Grandma's Birthday! Good luck, joy and all the best!

Granny, dear, in your birthday I want to say so much! When my father my mother ever answer my questions, just listen - all you do. And if you knew how much it means that my life is such a wonderful, loving, kind and helpful people like you! Good luck, smiles, sunshine and of course health!

Grandma our own, alone. We would like to welcome you whole family on his birthday. We wish to live a long, full and happy life as confident to walk through life and never get sick. Do not lose shape and beauty and be always on top.

Dear Grandma, you are kind and gentle to be never tired, and you're on - still beautiful, despite the 80 (70, 60, etc.) years. We wish that you were always bright dawn of life, and attention of your children and grandchildren warmed hotter than summer sun.

My dear grandmother! I will never forget the smell of your pies! They will always remind me of my happy childhood! This is another reason often look to you for a visit! On this day, I wish you good health! Behold, I have always and everywhere'll help you! Happy Birthday!

Sweet, kind, gentle, darling! These words I speak to you, when I come to congratulate you on the Day You Were Born! For me, Grandma, you always stay young! Do not look at what is your age, you have a young soul! And this is important! And let thy soul always remains young, and health - strong! Happy Birthday!

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