Humorous birthday greetings for her

Humorous birthday greetings for her


Oh, incomparable beauty, bright star that descended from heaven, O precious gem that is striking in its purity and splendor forms! I warmly greet you a happy birthday! Have an unforgettable holiday gives you a million gifts, and your life is filled with comprehensive content and inspiration! We wish you do not stop, grow, flourish and prosper in every way!

Birthday sounds a lot of good words and wishes. So let them come to heaven and come back to you in small and large joys, happiness grains and lots of wealth! Let the next will always be those who love and appreciate you. I wish you that dream come true, our plans - was carried out and on the way met interesting people and things.

Well, he came, Your Birthday! So, you were as much as 365 days a wiser and more beautiful! What could be the best in a woman than a combination of beauty and intelligence? So let your charm crazy all men, and your ability to reason makes women quietly step aside. Because along with the brilliant Queen is fading. I congratulate you on the holiday and I wish you good health, bright victories and good luck! Let everything that was intended, it will be with a vengeance. Let life always accompany you hope, faith and love! Infinite you happiness, peace and order in his personal life, success in business!

I warmly welcome today the most beautiful, most desirable, most good women in the world. Your beauty captivates, captures your mind, your grace and elegance worthy of imitation, and fortitude worthy of respect. On your birthday we wish you always combine fragility and greater strength, kindness and strength of character, elegance and ability to find a way out of any situation, vulnerability and female cunning. We wish you an incredible, fantastic female happiness, love with all your heart and be loved and let your life be only true friends and friends that will support you in any situation.
Happy Birthday!

In our world, a woman has to be strong, to impose on their fragile shoulders care of yourself and your family ... but no real power to manage subordinates know by heart or physics, real power - in femininity. I want to wish you birthday always remain primarily a real woman! Beautiful and graceful, a little mysterious! And, of course, be happy!

There were changes in time and fashion, but at all times in women valued, above all, their grace and beauty, their eyes shining and radiant smile, tenderness in every gesture and talents to love with all my heart! We welcome today birthday present ideal woman, and I'll probably tell everyone else, if you wish to be always happy, cheerful and surrounded by those closest to him, loving you with all my heart!

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