Romantic happy birthday wishes for him

Romantic happy birthday wishes for him


On your birthday I wish you bright emotions, unforgettable meetings and the flight of the soul, because life is not measured by the number of breaths and moments when breath!

Old or very smart people often say that if a man has true friends, then it will be everything - wealth, love and cozy house, and the sea of luck. I do not know if this is true. But I am very happy that I have such a wonderful friend like you. Happy Birthday to you, my friend!

Happy birthday, my friend! I wish that you knew - you're just an exceptional person. Do you have those positive traits, which does not get very many people. And so I really cherish you and sincerely want you to be happy. Let your life be everything - wealth, love, carefree fun! Happy!

We have today a holiday - the world (number) years ago there was a wonderful man by the name of (name). We wish you to live beautifully and with dignity, achieve their goals and strive for the best, be open and cheerful person, and be loyal and faithful friend!

Birthday - fiction. Better to celebrate every day to make it for a long time to enumerate all the advantages birthday. Even hundreds smsok not enough to transfer your merits and my wishes. So just congratulate! :)

Why birthday only once a year? Because the entire year to preparing to welcome you to the fullest. Hello, friend!

Happy Birthday to you, my friend! What could wish such a wonderful person like you? And that in life you too everything was just wonderful - wonderful wheelbarrow, great apartment, great bank account, a wonderful girl. A wonderful friends will not want ... Since we already have in you!

Friend, hello! Today is your birthday, wishing well noted. And I wish kilogram of money, 10 pounds - good luck, hundredweight - happiness and tons of love! Happy!

A very wise man said that a friend - a first wealth. In this case I am richer than any human being on this planet - because I have such a wonderful friend like you! So pray to congratulate you, my friend, happy birthday! Let this life you always and in all good luck!

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