Birthday wishes for girl cousin

Birthday wishes for girl cousin


They say that when a person is born, the sky lights angel star, which then accompanies him throughout his life, sanctifying the road and helps in difficult situations. I wish that your star was the brightest and most beautiful that it never faded and made life brighter not only you, but those who are close by. Happy Birthday!

On this holiday, I wish your life as bright cloth was woven of bright joy, pure love, true friendship and the dream that will surely come. Happy Birthday!

Not every day we say nice things to each other, and now a good excuse for this. And I want you to say thank you for what you have in our lives without you, life would be boring and monotonous. Happy Birthday!

They say that life - a zebra, which consists of black and white stripes. So let your band life, evil enemies, iridescent rainbow colors. Let your every day be bright.

Since ancient times people knew that if want something with great force and feeling, it will surely come. Today all your friends wish you love, health, luck, wisdom and infinite happiness.

If life - a book that we are writing, I wish that in your book were colorful pictures, beautiful words and actions, and that has always been a place for true friends.
On the day you were born I want you in my life was accompanied by three animals: a Jaguar in the garage, mink on your shoulders and the lion - the owner of the house that would protect and watch over you.

Beautiful girl on this day our congratulations. Let this bright birthday smile to you people and flowers that you brought into armfuls your household friends and many fans. And let all the hopes and dreams come true.

You know girls in the world so much, and they're all so different, beautiful, funny, slender. A paradox here, you just perfect! And your birthday, we wish you luck. To you around, always unlucky. It's so important. For the Lord will never leave you and always defended and guarded! For inspiration every time the morning came to you, and soul began to sing for joy. For everything that you dream, began to come true, as someone who, as you are worth it! Happy Birthday!

Day is positive. Because today birthday in beautiful open! And it is your holiday and want to tell you unique! Beside you just can not miss. In general, you want to flourish as the most beautiful flower, and never, under any circumstances, not fade! Encounters only bright people! From birthday!

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