Birthday wishes for friend girl

Birthday wishes for friend girl


All the warmest words, nice compliments and various simple but heartfelt words, I want to tell you. Congratulate you and say happy birthday! Because for me you are very important! You're just a wonderful girl and I am not lazy, you are welcome! Wish you always go forward and never go to the side or back! After all, you're strong, and whatsoever you want, then get! Let your dreams come true all, all plans vtilyatsya in life. Happy Birthday.

I want to see your birthday, you bring something bright and new! To this day you realized that you are really cool girl! For you, no words I do not mind. Because there is such vivid words! So I say just live and be happy every passing day, because those days will bring into your life a lot! Happy Birthday to you!

Here today and it's your birthday. I do not know you're waiting for it or not, and anyway, he came! I wish you always be such that you now! After all, you're a smart girl! Let each new day for you, begins with a smile. Each new appointment brings interesting friends, and every ray of sun warms the soul! Today, think of something sacred! And put forth most clearly desire. And believe me, it will come true, and I assure you, it will come true! Happy Birthday!

My congratulations to the beautiful girl who graced their presence our lives and gives us a good mood! May all dreams come true today, and those that did not come true, come true tomorrow!

Happy Birthday!
I wish you that your life was full, with pleasant concerns, brilliant ideas and brilliant victories! Let your soul will never run out the source of goodness! Go through life safely and straight! Let the difficult moments will be your close relatives and friends, let them always be near those who want to share the joy!

You're a beautiful girl and you're my youth and love of life. In your eyes captured by surprise. Let it never leave thee. Happy Birthday.

When you were born, fell from the sky drops, but it was not raining - a cry heaven because lost a bright star like you ... Happy Birthday!

If I ask: Who is the most beautiful, unique, beautiful and good girl in the world? I am not for a moment hesitate to name your name. I wish happiness and love. Stay continue the same cheerful. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations brightest star icon of our company! May it always shine in the sky of our friendship and gathered around a constellation of good people who will cherish it! Happy Birthday!

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