Birthday wishes for a little girl

Birthday wishes for a little girl


There are people which pulls along with what is good and reliable. You - one of them! So today, on your birthday, you are surrounded by your true friends. So let us not only during the holidays, but also any other day next to you will be given you people ready to help! Happy Birthday!

Road ours, we hasten to greet you a Happy Birthday! We wish you in life only to be surrounded by good people who will make you happy!

Today your next birthday celebrating charming young girl who has no equal under the bright sun. She is cheerful and sociable, while at the same time strong and strong character. She knows how to stand up for their happiness and loves to dream. On behalf of all the friends I want to wish her ??to remain the same soft and gentle, radiant and charming, always be a joy for all of us! Let all the fondest dreams come true!

You know that not only the birthday, but also in any other day, I wish you only a pure heart and a sincere Only the most beautiful and cheerful! Love, bright, unforgettable meetings, true friends, festive mood, the fulfillment of desires and creative achievements! Happy Birthday!

Sunny ray fell to the ground, announcing us of the coming of a new day. Day unusual, special. At present you are born. Beautiful, charming, kind, cordial. True! I congratulate you on the day you were born! I wish in your soul always like butterflies fluttered dreams. To those dreams were you in the light and unexplored on. For in this way you are always accompanied by success, patience, understanding friends and love ones! Let your pretty face can never be darkened sorrow, and thy mischievous eyes no place of sorrow! Let every moment, every hour, every day and every year will be successful for you and happy! Love and work! Congratulations to you! Happy your birthday!

My dear, sweet, gentle, light! I congratulate you and to say that you're incredibly happy. Nature has generously endowed you not only beauty and intelligence, but also the ability to rule over it. Birds in the sky looked enviously at you: for you and the earth able okrylyaty anyone who is familiar with you. Seeing you, the sun instantly goes from behind the clouds for dreams to be like you and seek rather to see the object of his adoration. And all the flowers in the world pale beside you because they only set off the beauty, and you - the beauty. Happy Birthday!

The best girl in the world, very sweet, charming and desirable today I want to congratulate the happy birthday! I have not enough words to tell you that I'm happy to have met you. You - the best, most charming and funny, the most beautiful and sincere, most native. You yourself-sama! I congratulate you happy birthday and wish you great happiness! I'm sure you all dob'yeshsya, as dreaming, because you this is everything - beauty, and intelligence, and character, and patience, and hard work. Have you always and in all happiness and dreams your always true! It's so want to see you happy, successful and happy - and not just the birthday, but every day and every second. Happy Birthday Princess!

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