Poem for grandfather birthday

Poem for grandfather birthday


Granddaughter welcomes favorite grandfather with a great date! I wish you to be the most successful and enterprising. Let everything you always be well. I wish that you could go to distant lands, swim in the ocean and catch a crocodile. I wish you the shoes of his skin and that was a lot of excitement.

Grandpa! You worthily lived all his hard life! Many of you saw on your way and good and bad. This forever remain in your memory! But you still believe in people, and with courage you go through life! And do not try to talk about death! After you have grandchildren waiting! Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, dear grandfather! Have you always travel where you want. Visit the extraordinary country on distant continents will enjoy sunrise, standing near the waterfall, you'll enjoy the shade, podruzhyshsya with the locals and their monkeys, palm Explore and be sure nayisysya bananas and coconuts.

You with head held high you go through life, never zdayeshsya always full of strength and patience! We all love you too! You too expensive for us! Grandpa we sincerely want to congratulate you on the day you were born! I wish you good health!

Today, on this festive table brought together four generations! Grandpa, we all love you too! I want to wish you to be as young as your grandchildren, healthy as your grandchildren and wise as your children! You can be proud of us! While we are proud of you and put you in the butt! Happy Birthday!

Grandpa, you always cheerful and kind! In difficult times always support and prompt! I have always admired thy wisdom and warmth that comes from you! I want you to make your life just as beat key! Indeed, despite his age, you're here as a cucumber! Happy Birthday!

Your eyes are filled with pain and memories that you had seen in his life. Many times you betrayed, but no matter what, you're full of optimism and believe in people! Stay strong and is so cheerful! Are optimistic! We all love you too! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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