Birthday Greetings to Grandpa

Birthday Greetings to Grandpa


In good fairy-tale characters help the good wizards, and very often they are elderly. Birthday my grandfather I want to sincerely thank him for what he has always helped me wise advice, as a good magician! I welcome dear grandfather on his birthday and wish him long years -dovhyh good health, many happy days and good memory!

Grandpa, I congratulate you on your Birthday! You lot have taught their children, and now you submit your invaluable experience grandchildren. Despite the age difference we always find common ground. Grandpa, I wish you long life, peace, peace. Get plenty of warm, light, happy days. We grandchildren, you really love and respect.

Grandpa, on the occasion of thee, of thy Happy Birthday! I wish you good - prekrepkoho health, great happiness, light and beautiful life days! Yet we wish to all - all your dreams and wishes come true necessarily, but if you need some assistance in their implementation, you must zvertaysya and I will help you all what I can only! And I sincerely wish you to be happy today as ever! And today, when we gather as a family at the holiday table, I want your eyes shined bright lights, and the smile never left on your face! You're worth better! After all, you are my very, very favorite grandfather in the world!

Santa! You are very dear to me, I love you very much! On your birthday I wish you health, rest you have amassed. Let frosty day sun gives its heat, and a hot summer day cool breeze makes of asphyxiation. Let everything be as you so wish!

What our years? They are, they just fly and we believe them, remembering how many years have passed ... but the years - it only spells, crafted by us. The most important thing that happened to us in the past and what might happen in the future. Today we have a great day - Birthday dear grandfather, and I want to congratulate him on this wonderful celebration of life and say that I truly admire him greatly and love! I wish my beloved grandfather not only long - long years, but new challenges in life, because he has enough strength and passion to turn the whole world and surprise us!

My favorite, my good and dear grandfather! Today I want to greet you a happy birthday and wish you all - all very bright and unforgettable in a life. Let your every new day begins with smiles and sunshine, even on your way there are only light and good people, and if life will be surprises every day, let it so be it, but that's just let these surprises are only good and happy . Strongest you care, my dear, and let all the bad things that ever happened in this life is easy go unnoticed. Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

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