Happy birthday to a friend wishes

Happy birthday to a friend wishes


You currently devoted to poems, gifts and flowers. And let today run all your secret dreams. Love, dance, smile more and Rejoice relatives and friends. And be beautiful and happy, let all desires fulfilled soon.

Who cries to me when I cry? Who is happy with me, when I happily? Who understands me a hint? It's you - my best friend. Thank you that you are. Happy Birthday.

My dear friend. I congratulate you on this bright holiday. I wish you true friends to help in difficult times. Although I am not always there, but I know in my heart is always with you. Happy Birthday.

Loved my friend. I warmly greet you a Happy Birthday. I wish you luck and always accompanied by success. Love and be loved. And remember, you're the best! Happy Birthday.

If machine, the Jaguar, if jewelry is diamonds, if a handbag, then of Gucci, if a man is passionately in love - if you live it like a fairy tale. Happy Birthday.

You know, women often say that friendship does not exist. There, we live proof. I hope that we will be friends a lot more long, happy and interesting years. Happy birthday, darling.

Dear friend, I congratulate you with Happy Birthday. I wish you always be healthy, beautiful, intelligent, funny, rich. I wish that your dreams were made. Let you always will have a good mood. Be always happy. Happy Birthday.

If it passes, the men rotate and women envy. She is graceful, amazingly light and incredibly Outrageous. And it's you - my friend. Stay always the same unique and incredibly happy. Happy Birthday.

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