Birthday greeting quotes for girlfriend

Birthday greeting quotes for girlfriend


Only jealous people may argue that female friendship is not. I am ready to argue with them daily, clearly showing an example of our friendship with you. Today, the road, your holiday - Birthday! This is the most significant date in the year, because today you'll get so many greetings and gifts. And I loved my friend, I wish you to be the happiest in the world, enjoy every passing day. Let you not be disappointments and problems will only let the tears of joy or laughter. Love you, wealth, health, shall all be fulfilled most desirable and light let our friendship warms you in the lightest and difficult moments of life. Happy Birthday, friend!

Because we went through together, to the end, no one will believe. A friend will always be there in difficult times, it is clear. But the relationship that exists between us - it's more than friendship. This is an integral part of each of us, as we so well understand and soul feel each other. Today I have a wonderful mood. You have a good excuse - the day of your birth. That is why today I like all, just congratulate you, but all the words and wishes I can not pronounce. You are well aware and so, you know that I wish you only the best, and support at any time! Wish a simple female happiness that for the rest - you have enough power to perfectly organize your life, I believe in you. Happy birthday, dear friend, be happy!

Happy Birthday, friend! Are you always fun and interesting. Are you a pleasant chat. When we grow up, do not know how our life will prevail, but I will remember you and the funny adventures that happened to us. Still, I hope that our paths will not go away. After all, with such a friend as you go through life much easier. Good luck to you, more joy, fun, good humor and all the best!

Dear (name of friend) birthday! Very difficult to want something self-contained man, living in harmony with oneself and the world. You - light, bright, you - man-feast. Let every day gives you a new discovery and brings surprises. May our friendship every year only growing stronger. Because of people like you and live is happier and easier!

When I sad heart I come to thee, when I want to share the joy - I am coming to you when I need advice - I am coming to you. And you always give me what I'm looking for. You miss with me, prompt or help the cause, happiness, divided with you is the new face. Happy Birthday to you, dear, let the years of our friendship will add you to the heart of youth and adolescence in the shower!

You each year all welcome, want wisdom, happiness and warmth. And in this year and I wish you love, patience, kindness and goodness! I do not need words to say that we are close, but I'm talking about now, and I will always you that subtle threads that tied our fate, stronger and more reliable than love for happiness. I congratulate you and wish that our friendship, like a good wine, has become over the years, only stronger!

Leave just as beautiful as the sun. Let this day as a celebration of your gentle soul giving care and comfort for the entire year. Let the fulfillment of desires is only one of your smiles. Let love protects you from troubles and gives wonders accomplishment of good dreams which you always able to surprise loved ones. Any itself around you because perfection.

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