Birthday Cards for Grandmother

Birthday Cards for Grandmother


My dear grandmother, I want you to know that I love you very much. You - special. In You is everything: intelligence, beauty, youth, courage, kindness, and many other positive qualities are not enough day to list. I congratulate you on your Birthday and I wish you long life from God, respect of people and love of family people ....

I remember as a child could not sleep without a good tale ... and my grandmother told me a charming story. I remember when I drew jar of jam with fruit-Victoria on the top shelf ... and my grandmother generously treated me with it. And if I happen to fall and break his knee, my grandmother could to comfort and caress, so did not want to cry. Years later, my grandmother was very old, but I still do not have human native. On her birthday I wish my grandmother's good health and longevity!

Today - Birthday of my grandmother's favorite. She was very old woman, her head adorned with noble gray, but her love and care for grandchildren not run out and never goes out! Lovely granny! In this light holiday I wish you to live a hundred years and always remain cheerful and cheerful, enjoy every minute prosperous, quiet old age surrounded by loving you people!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! How many remember myself - many you. And always you were for me the most gentle, kind, attentive and caring! Your pies themselves rosy and sweet, and interesting tales! I wish you many years, and every day was special for you, full of good events! Let old age finally fulfilled all the dreams, but you may always be young heart!

Happy birthday, dear grandmother! Come on now, this day, will not be sad about what is left in the past, better let's take a look into the future together! I know that you are waiting in front of the happiest years of long and expensive people in the community! My good, keep in your heart spring, and in clear sight - funny naughty twinkle!

My grandmother is so old that it seems, she lived in a time which is so interesting to tell us your grandchildren tales ... today - her birthday, and I heartily wish my grandmother many years of good health , good humor, and a strong memory to always, always keep warm moments in your heart!

Times change, the world is transformed, but caring grandmother, her wisdom and heartfelt warmth will always be more valuable than gold to me! Birthday beloved grandmother I want to emphasize again that the age and every passing day, every action can be true without exaggeration - be proud! So let ahead of my grandmother still waiting for a lot of good light days!

Beloved, the only my grandmother in her Birthday, I wish not to grieve about the age, because she does not have an old, gray and she even goes away, stressing the generosity and wisdom! Grandma, stay a hundred years the same wonderful, I always knew you to all our family you - chief treasure, and we love you too!

My grandmother - not just an amazing man, but the very charming grandmother with good stories, with wise advice and care that you can grow quite a good person! Today we celebrate her birthday, we prepared for her gifts, bouquet favorite, the humble wild flowers, and certainly - warmest wishes! Let our grandmother lives happily without knowing alarms and disease! Let every day be a reason to smile and enjoy!

Happy Birthday, Grandma! I remember myself still a baby, and you have been close - attentive and affectionate, you have always been time to look after me, take care of the house or tie something fluffy and warm! On your birthday I wish you many more years remain the same - always cheerful and in good spirits! Long years of flying forward, rewarding you deserved happiness!

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