Bday greetings to husband

Bday greetings to husband


I once dreamed of a prince on a white horse. He followed me and did not come, but I'm happy because now I have you. In birthday I wish you patience, that you could wait to come true all your dreams.

Maybe I say banal, but I am sure that you are my significant other and only with you I feel happy. I am very glad that my half so pretty, cheerful, reliable and reasonable. I wish you took care of fate that once brought us together. Happy Birthday to my favorite person!

Beloved, today's your birthday. So I decided to tell you the truth in the face right now. You're the best people on this planet, my love for you is so great that I find it hard to contain her inside. Your caring, tenderness, love and attention - is the most valuable thing I have. Happy birthday, dear, be happy, and I'll help with it!

Exactly XX years ago, the planet was a miracle. Every year it grew, went to kindergarten, then school, then studied at the Institute, has built a career on the job. Miracle ripe, but not become a monster, and was a good, caring, beautiful, intelligent and successful men. That's what I love you and my dear husband. On the birthday wish just one that you have always been so!

And another life, but one in three memories.
And past the word "was" ruthlessly detaches from the present to the word "is". We will extend a helping hand to each other in difficult times and then reproach of ingratitude, as Siamese twins who live with unbearable and apart - like death.

I congratulate you on our wedding day, dear!
Let all the stars of the zodiac you smile! Let disperse clouds on your horizon and all the bad things go away. I like on the first date will be glad smile on your face ...

On our wedding anniversary!
Ishi! I wish you more good friends and dear friends! But you have to always remember that the main woman in your life! Kiss gently and promises to fulfill every wish! You have put forth?

On 50th anniversary, sweetheart!
I remember how you met. It was love at first sight. I thought, "I want this man became my husband, the father of my children. I know that we will have a happy family." Now, looking back, I realize that was right. We loved each other, created a family, we have wonderful children were born, and we lived together for many years. Sometimes it was hard, but we love each other and are able to overcome. Today our family and close friends gathered together, and I want first to congratulate her husband on his birthday! Know that you us a road, be happy in your birthday and always!

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