Happy Birthday Beloved

Happy Birthday Beloved


I wish you star life! Let rising stars on your uniform, and over the years increased their number in cognac that you drink, and hotels where you have to stop. A starry sky above us, be gentle and careful witness of our love with you!

Let every day life pleases you: achievements - at work, love and laughter of children - at home, money - on your bank account. Let it all for you, dear, enough health, energy, vitality and enthusiasm!

My beloved! I congratulate you on your Birthday! I wish you all the best! Health, luck and success! May you always been so attentive and caring! I love you!

My favorite! Today is your birthday - and I applaud you! You're healthy, beautiful, strong and rich. It would seem that still need to be happy? For a complete happiness to become a real man. This means - to build your house, plant a tree, but better - a garden, and put in this paradise wife who bear you a son. Then at the beginning of your life you will think, "Yes, I was not born into the world for nothing!"

Favorite! I congratulate you on the birth. Let on your life's journey you meet only good people, or those in which you become kinder. Let your life occur only pleasant events, or those of you who will be pleased to remember. I wish you a sober mind and sensitive heart! And everything else you can achieve alone.

Each year we welcome a man on his birthday! Birth - a miracle. This miracle in the world is you. Beloved, dear, beloved, be always full of vitality, work with pleasure and reap the fruits of their labor with joy. Spiritual and material goods to you. And finally, the main thing I love and be loved. As it is today, as it is now.

Why man is born? Of course, for happiness! What people need to be happy? Everyone - his! But usually happiness as drawing formula looks like this: health plus success plus money plus love plus luck plus longevity. As they say, the amount of permutations of terms will not change. Create your own formula for happiness and live in it! Happy birthday, darling!

If you want happiness for love - love. If you want to be happy forgive - forgive. If you want happiness for work - work. If you need to sacrifice for the sake of happiness - sacrifice. But remember indisputable truth: everything should be in moderation! Know when to stop and be happy!
Happy birthday, darling!

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