Birthday Wishes For Lover

Birthday Wishes For Lover


Hello beautiful, most intelligent and generally the best guy on Earth Happy Birthday. And I am proud that this is the guy found it with me. I wish you to be the best always and in everything and still get everything from life to the maximum. Happy Birthday.

I wish you this day, that my love you always warmed. And I wish to have your plans in life has always been there I just let our paths never apart, and that the bright sun was shining just us two. Happy Birthday to you!

Beloved. Let the long happy hours of our life together! And I want to tell you that I'm happy that fate brought me to you. Let our future is our only and never come black cloud in our relationship.

Loved one in this day we wish love in everything and everywhere: at work and at home, training in the gym, in the long mission in foreign resorts and local health centers in luxury airplanes and luxury cars! But in moderation, as home favorite and the only one waiting wife! Happy Birthday!

Birthday lover never ceases funny voices, every guest requires minute attention to greet and give a gift to wish happiness and prosperity. I am proud glow of joy, because wonderful people, who are all so loved and respected belongs to me! My beloved! I wish you the best I can every day, but today - your Birthday: anything that does not wish - will come true!

My favorite is the only true defender and affectionate friend! You became my life, and in your birthday I want to give you half of my own happiness! I want you to be strong not only the body but also the soul! Believe that everything will be fine, that you are just waiting for luck, wish fulfillment and, of course, our love!

My beloved! I so want to make your birthday remained in the memory as a bright happy holiday, which brings together all who are dear to you, where were you think about innermost desires that will soon be fulfilled ... I wish you, my beloved husband, longevity, be strong not only the body but also in spirit, smiling good joke, have good free time and, of course, let your life everything will be surrounded by the love of family and friends good attitude!

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