Say birthday your husband

Say birthday your husband


I love you completely: from the sole of the feet to the tip of the longest hair. So I appreciate your patience with dignity and treat deficiencies, trying to ignore them! And today I want to congratulate my favorite man on his birthday! I wish you less sad, and smile more. Less than drink beer, eat more milk. Less than watch TV, but devote more time reading books. Less than spend money on me, but more to pamper yourself! All the best to you and enjoy!

Dear, I thank destiny that we had the chance to combine their fate! Thank you, let that be yours, Shapley you every night "LOVE", gave a chance for you to become the best in all (the best wife, the best lover, mother to our children, the mistress of the house). I really love you and welcome the fact that you are my people, and I'm your wife!

A favorite on the anniversary!
Happy birthday, my chosen one! All these years we created our marriage, putting him only the warmest feelings of our hearts. And so was born our family. So let continue in our life be light and comfortable, let our life is filled with pleasant memories of happy moments, the fruit of our love and our most intimate, embodied desires!

My dear!
Cute when you're with me, I warm, quiet and another life is required. Every day I realize that I love you more, but yesterday it seemed that love is stronger than simply impossible! I know that would not surprise preberehla us luck, you will always be side by side, shoulder to shoulder: and podderzhesh understand - this is a great little secret of happiness. Thank you, my beloved! I congratulate you on our wedding day!

We become strangers to each other, and meeting new people will look for something that is not found before. And, again disappointed, will be doomed to cherish his dream, to seek refuge in communicating with your friends and prove their ability to work.

Today, the anniversary of our family.
We are so zzhylysya each other, sometimes it seems that way and can not be. The words "we", "together" for us endowed with special meaning. Our union - is an indivisible whole, which can neither shake nor split. The whole point of infinite love and willingness to accept and understand their loved one any faith in him. I want to thank fate for you and you for the future!

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