Birthday greeting cards for girlfriend

Birthday greeting cards for girlfriend


My friend, I congratulate you with Happy Birthday and this day I wish you love, joy and great happiness in life! Never zasmuchuysya in detail and do not pay attention to them, so they do not spoil your mood! Have you always protects luck to your eyes joyful victory and undying hope! Stay as beautiful, smiling, responsive and in general, the best! Let love cover your life floral veil and gives you real, magical and permanent happiness that will radiate goodness and light in your house, and let it never leaves your heart!

Most faithful, loyal and best friend! You - a bright, honest, kind and wonderful person who is always happy to share his warmth! Stay Rejoice and so near their ardor in his eyes, industrious nature, sympathetic heart and soul quivering. On your birthday I wish you the very pure and cloudless happiness, family welfare, comfort and peace in the house of the heart!
Let rug spread out in front of you all the rainbow world, let the birds chirping at your window of good news, let all the problems are resolved in your favor and native people flashes support! Be cheerful, patient, wise and unfading - no soul, no thoughts! Happy birthday, dear, from the heart!

A friend of my days harsh! I heartily congratulate you on the appearance of the world in the image of God is beautiful, brilliant and dear man! I wish you to be always ready, a horse and feel like a queen, wherever you were! Let nothing obscures your fabulous existence! I wish you multiply wealth, quality of life and recreation, increasing the size of your salary, welfare pathways that lead you to success! Please always, as now, a graceful, slender, full of charm and light! Hug and kiss you! I wish you the unique, passionate love and the miracle of family happiness, let your secret dreams come true and desires, and life filled with inspiration, great mood, with all the positive sensations, ecstasy and easy day! Happy Birthday to you, dear friend!

Secure base - a friendship. When a person has a friend he can always rely not only on the nightly gatherings, fun meeting, but on the emotional conversation, sincere joy for success, support is difficult.
My girlfriend is priceless! Birthday wish you to maintain your support you and guarded, gave joy, happiness, inspiration! Going through life easily when near a lot of hearts that you are loved and appreciated!

My dear friend! My faithful and reliable friend! Happy Birthday to you! No matter how many springs and winters, you're always good and beautiful. And today you blossom as the rose in May! With your radiant eyes, mischievous laughter and light, cheerful disposition can match anything! I am happy to be next to me is a man like you! Thank you for the support for the ability to inspire optimism for wanting to be good and light! Let your life and will always be only kindness! Let the obstacles disappear out of your way! Let care be strong, beautiful spirit, faithful friends, mutual love! You the Clear sky overhead and the warm sun! Happy, my dear friend!

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