Beloved birthday greetings

Beloved birthday greetings


Let today become not only your birthday but also the birthday of your successes, victories, achievements - right, dizzying, lingering. As any creator, you need a muse. Let me, beloved, be your muse. To inspire you, accompany you, love you. By the end of the world.

What do you wish the birthday? Of course, very, very ... excellent health - always wanted to and mohlosya! Unrelenting success - not to retreat from you under any circumstances. Mutual love - let you meet the love of those whom you love yourself. Decent work - work so as not to feel tired, and for their work receive adequate compensation. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday I want to kiss you a million times. I want to hug you a million times. I want to tell you a million gentle words. I want to give you a million gifts. I want you to live a million years. I congratulate you, you become a millionaire!

Happy Birthday to you, my love! I want to celebratory mood, cool and necessary gifts. Let you to come for a holiday, those who you want to see and say what you want to hear. Let wish that really come true. A party may be even better than you could imagine.

Beloved, I want to congratulate you with Happy Birthday and wish you that you always wanted to and could. To always been where and with whom. To never was enough. Let everything be just "ok" and I'll help with it. Happy Birthday.

You know what today is sunny and bright day? Because today you are born - the world's best people. Happy Birthday.

I wish that your future was not just bright and interesting, but that it must be nice, slim, smart and wonderful girl, that's me. Happy Birthday.

In my heart joy today because today a wonderful holiday - your birthday. I congratulate you and all, just wish.

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