Birthday Wishes for Fathers

Birthday Wishes for Fathers


Father, your advice is always to me timely and useful. With you I'm an example of courage, strength and confidence. Perhaps no other person that I would be more respected. Always felt you near, I wish to believe that everything is better just ahead.
Happy Birthday!

Dad, I'm right, conscientiously wish you success and youth, and we wish you something special, something that you do not. I want your secret dreams come true, I want everything that you planned, given to you easily and bring pleasure. Let your life be a lot of pleasant surprises. Happy birthday, dear father!

Daddy, my dear, many thanks to you for your understanding, attention and care. I appreciate all that you do for me! I love you very much and respect! I wish you happiness, health, good humor and great luck in everything!

Dear Dad!
I warmly welcome you to this date. You're smart here, though sometimes we do not listen ... but it does not prevent you to be the best! We want to wish you, that you may have for a long time was a healthy, cheerful, ready to help at any time of day or night. Live long, long time, because your future grandchildren and great-grandchildren want to play with you!

Dear Dad! I congratulate you on your Birthday. I sincerely wish you warmth and comfort. Respect from colleagues. I wish Friends never let you and you could always count on their help. Certainly wish to your family and you all was well. Listen to us and everything will be fine! We love you too.

Dear Dad! If you do not know what to do, what to do - Talk to us, because of all life, we learned all thy advice! When not enough money for beer - also for us, because all the money we take you every day has consistently! If the boss yelled at work - also to us, we'll call him and sort out once and for all! In short, we are Your support You! Happy Birthday!

Dear dad, greet you a happy birthday! In this glorious and momentous day receive from our entire extended family heartfelt congratulations and warmest wishes! Let each new day brings smiles sea, ocean storm of positive emotions and love it!

Dad! How much heat, tenderness and care in this simple, but the main word! You're very responsive, attentive and understanding father on Earth! Through Thy love, respect and dignity You could grow with us good people! Happy birthday and wish them love, happiness and good luck! Let thy life only highlights the bright sun and the soul blooms spring garden and nightingales sing!

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