Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Wife

Romantic Birthday Wishes For Your Wife


My sun! More akin to you I do not have anyone in the world, and in this day you celebrating a birthday, I want to hug you, give you a thousand kisses and tell again, a little embarrassed - because I'm not a master make long speeches, say, as much I love you. Just like - and puts these words in his heart that belongs to you forever one!

Greeting birthday wife, I want to first of all recall that on the day of our wedding took place many years ... I guess they would be enough for a lifetime. The world has changed, and we were together. We walked along the road of life, firmly holding hands and looking into each other's eyes, reading them every moment, "I love you". Birthday dear to me as a woman I want to wish her ??a smile every day and be just as happy for many years!

My beloved kitty! We got married recently, but you have already become a great mistress of our house. Warming me with their love and concern surrounding, you know how to turn every day a holiday, not letting me forget that treasure I got a wife! On your birthday I wish once again to admit you love, say you like the way me and promise that I will always love you, care about you and do everything for your happiness!

House - the best place in the world. It would not have been fun at the party, no matter how hot the sun was shining on the beach on vacation, no matter how interesting and exciting work always and everywhere I want to go home. Where is warm and cozy, where waiting relatives, and where loving wife has prepared a delicious dinner. I congratulate you, my dear, happy birthday, and wish you always stay the same loving and gentle, and we, your family, be sure to make you happy!

Greeting birthday beloved wife that she could wish? It changed my life breathed into it new meaning, helped me not to give up when it was hard and achieve his, she reconciled with my shortcomings, and they somehow imperceptibly themselves disappeared. And it happened that, a beautiful and loving woman you can not stay the same. My dear! I welcome you and put in every word and love with all my heart! Be happy today and always!

In this beautiful and memorable day, I want to congratulate the birthday of his wife, the keeper of our hearth and the keys to my heart. Only by becoming her husband, I felt like a real man, who from the day of the wedding and always play the role of defender and keeper of the family. I have to say that this role is for me the most important role in life. And the most precious to me - my family. And I want to promise my wife that I'll always be by her husband and best in the whole world!

When a man comes bachelor world true love, it can not remain the same. I want to fly, dream and love without looking back. I want to become better, to be worthy of such happiness. My wife, my darling, help me change for the better. And her birthday I have to admit that without it I would not be in this world who I am now, this is only its merit! Thank her for the love I bear my soul in every moment of my life!

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