Birthday greetings for husband and father

Birthday greetings for husband and father


You embodies the one hand the strength and confidence, strength of mind and body, and the other - the tenderness of affection and love! All these qualities complement each other and live in harmony and balance. Thank you for what you have to work a warrior and a winner at home and a loving and gentle man!

Loved one in this day we wish love in everything and everywhere: at work and at home, training in the gym, in the long mission in foreign resorts and local health centers in luxury airplanes and luxury cars! But in moderation, as home favorite and the only one waiting wife! Happy Birthday!

Time of our lives Calendar Turns, and again at sunset moving dawn, let this birthday also, many long and happy years. May this day you will remember for a long time, and all the kind words that I have prepared for you, my dear.

"Generously whole world kin" - say in the saying. And it's true. This proves that the number of friends who came to congratulate my husband on his birthday.
I know that he loves and appreciates his friends. And in this holiday I would like to wish my husband health, but he was "chronically healthy". Money, but they had enough ... Happiness, but with the wife are sorry for the indiscretion, fortunately he is ... And I wish him to be the same fun, the same magic, the same joker - joker, generous, good as it has ever been thus acquired many wonderful friends!

Dear people, I congratulate you with all my heart Happy Birthday! You many years was to support me in all difficulties! I can not imagine how to live if we had not met! I want you to continue to remain as strong, reliable and gentle!

Today, the great day, birthday, your favorite health and want to live, not old, you more joy, less sorrow and trouble to thee, never knocked. Be healthy always, do not be sad ever, and with that mindset to have lived to a hundred!

Nice to see you at the holiday table - fun and nice man, very close and dear man - beloved!
We have a common destiny and a way of life that we will go hand in hand and always be happy together! Take care of yourself and me, dear!

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