Birthday poems for dads

Birthday poems for dads


When I was little, I was not afraid of the darkness in which the Wild Things Are ... they can all be in the world if I have a loving father who is not afraid of anything? It took many years, and my dad for me all the same! The strongest, brave and kind, with him always nice and quiet! My dear, Happy Birthday! Today I want you to smile every day you luck, the sun was shining brightly, and dreams fulfilled hurry - only should they wish!

Today we welcome the birthday person dearest to us - our dads! We tried to make this holiday bright and wonderful, cooked and gifts, and extremely delicious cake, but we know that most dads will enjoy our congratulations and wishes that come from loving hearts! Our Beloved Dad! You - our most important and precious miracle, we love you so, and let's give you today to share our love? Look, it flies to you bright spark, and now you will certainly be happy all his long life! If I were asked whom I love more, mom or dad, I would have said that like everyone more than anything else! And now I have - a special day, I Happy birthday dad! Cute tattoo! I simply and sincerely wish you happiness, this word as old as the world, and perhaps it concluded the best!

If mother and cherishes their children, fathers - raising. Fathers rarely criticized and less susceptible to emotions, with good dads do their homework and play. And anyway, everyone knows that dad is strict, but fair. And dad brings peace and confidence that everything will always be fine. You're with me, Dad, this is!

Dad, you have a little free time, but the time that you have, you generously give me. I love you and always want to be healthy and happy! Happy Birthday!

Dear Dad! I warmly congratulate you on your Birthday! Throughout my life I took an example from you and have never regretted it. You are a person, who wants to be like. Thank you for the attention that you gave me. I wish you many years remained the young at heart and full of energy now.

The evolution of man teaches us that for the safety and well-being of a particular family meet moms and fathers are responsible for the safety of all species. And if type homosapiyens still not extinguished, so fathers are not sitting idly by. I congratulate you, Dad!

As the age-old oak in the forest protects the delicate flowers from the harsh winds and snow, allowing only to break sunlight, light raindrops and fresh breeze, and our father, not knowing fatigue, protects your family for years, and under his protection and care we live happily, and children - grow and face the great life ... our dear father, today - your Birthday and we want you to live a hundred years, always be strong, as the age-old oak, smile more and not sad, feel free to look ahead - because of you, your family, and it means - everything will be fine!

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