Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas
Dear faithful Roman Catholic and Reformed churches!
Soon you will find majestic and radiant celebration of the holidays - Christmas. This holiday, as the next New Year bring to each new dreams and hopes, new life plans and wishes. Whenever this auspicious day when the earth incarnate Savior of the world, symbolizes the revival of the whole human race, brings us back to the Gospel commandments encourages our body and soul to tolerance, purity of our thoughts and love of neighbor.
Residents of the city lived worthily passing year. And there is every reason to hope that the New Year will be provided ____ inspired work, high organization, good works ... Let the grand celebration will be generous on the implementation of plans and hopes everyone will give you strength, health and optimism, bring with them the confidence .
Christ is Born - Glorify Him!

In a magical Christmas night, I welcome you and wish you fabulous life! Just imagine all your dreams - and believe in what they accomplished it's time, filling your days with joy, goodness and love! Let your heart for always playing quietly cheerful melody that you are happy!

Welcome to the joyful and bright holiday - Christmas! Let your life of peace, tranquility and good! Let grief and misfortune pass by your house! Happiness, luck and success throughout your family, your friends and family!

Christmas - a special holiday, it is full of comfort and desire miracles, because we all deep down believe in the magic that can instantly change our lives for the better ... welcoming you wish to not only dream, but also confident, with a smile and enthusiasm go to their dreams and make them become happier every day!

Today, with the heat and with all my heart, I wish you find the best Christmas in my life! Let it become your magic moment, from which, as from a point of reference, the desire to start running and improve all your long, happy life immensely!

On Christmas Eve accept my congratulations on the occasion of goodness and light, harmony and true magic! Today I wish you always live happily, be cheerful and happy, to dream and fulfill their dreams, in short, let life goes as may be just a fairy tale!

There came the same light, joyous and wonderful holiday - Christmas. Congratulations to all Christians and wish of love and kindness, joy and happiness, success and good luck. Health to you, your family and friends. Let the dreams come true and desires fulfilled. All the best. Congratulations!

Dear (name), please accept my sincere congratulations on Christmas. Let you think about desire in this bright holiday will come true. Peace and heat your home with a holiday!

Christmas ... how much warmth and comfort in this celebration! Under the tree waiting for presents and family get tired and want to congratulate as many good and wonderful, that seems to be enough for a lifetime of happiness! I also join them and want you to live happily and starting this Christmas and believe in miracles at every turn to meet them and enjoy every day!

At Christmas, so I want something ... special ... that sometimes we can not express in words or draw, but perfectly feel it deep in the heart ... perhaps we want to be happy? So let it fly to you today faster Blizzard and brighter than the sun, illuminate your life, bringing with it what you always dreamed of!

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