Husband happy birthday greeting card

Husband happy birthday greeting card


They say men are not particularly fond of sentimental words, but I can not keep that fills my heart with wonderful Birthday my beloved! Also, I know it and I know it is quite a bit shyly smiles when I once again say that I love it. I love, love a thousand times and wish happiness, we will divide it in half and will be even happier!

The biggest test for love - time.
Therefore, only the true sense, as ours, is able to defeat the years! I congratulate you and myself with this touching victory! Let our love overcomes all the problems of life again and again! Peace, warmth and happiness!

This beautiful sunny day in life you will be associated with the word marriage! So let it be the only marriage in your life! I love you.

My dear!
You have a birthday today! I welcome you tightly and kiss you want to be successful, healthy, cheerful and confident in their abilities and actions that no doubt is bedeviled you, good luck accompanied in all endeavors, and avoided all the trouble your house party. I wish for you every day was filled with the joy of victory, achievements, proud of our children, the warmth of our relationship! I am proud that next to me is you!

When you met my father, he is a man of strict, demanding and uncompromising to my fans, took time to think, and a few grueling days decided - this guy worthy of my daughter! In your anniversary birthday, my dear man, I'm immensely glad to welcome you, the one who not only made ??me happy, but also met the expectations of my loved ones! Be happy always - always and when the time comes to choose a man for our daughter, son-pluck the same good, as you!

I love you - such a simple word, but meaning we invest in them? At present they sound when the person to whom they are devoted, not only those to whom you feel passion, but those who believe entrust my life, my destiny. I tell you that I love, and your anniversary will add to the words of all tenderness, affection and care for you, my man!

Love - and unchangeable coin, which is now your living wage! ..
I wish you and not only the abundance, but abundance; not only joy, but also great happiness!

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