happy birthday wishes for men

happy birthday wishes for men


Today I had the honor to welcome the birthday of whom would be nice to make a fairy tale ... and believe me, it would be you were a prince, with honor have experienced many adventures and would have found happiness! In Your Holy I want to wish you fantastic life, just let all the adventures be good, in the way tracks found only friends and the magic bird of happiness on their own dwell in your house!

On your birthday, we modestly but tastefully and warmly, very much want to congratulate you and express my wishes! If you have a dream? Let them come true! Let the next 364 days will be strictly in accordance with rigorous your plans! Suppose your house is always a warm and cozy, any thing ends brilliant success and the number of faithful friends and girlfriends abound!

Today I am Happy Birthday to a man who not only knows the price of happiness, but that it was able to create and save for their loved ones; This man - a real good knight with passionate heart and a rare beauty of nature! I wish him the birthday live long and very happily, and more - will be added!

Today, on your birthday, I wish, of course, happiness, good health and prosperity, but also - let the house will always be full bowl wife - gentle and pleasing father children with their successes and inherit the best features! Let your life be always full of simple but at the same unearthly happiness!

Happy Birthday! You certainly know the secret of happiness - you are not so many years, but you have already performed the bulk of their cherished desires, found recognition and success with which you can only welcome a thousand times! I wish you still remain Creator, Master of the happiness! Multiply it easy and pleasant to live each day adding to the baggage of good memories new amazing stories!

Happy Birthday! Today we had the honor to welcome, bring gifts and warm wishes to our good friend - beautiful, strong man truly heroes and sage! We want you to live happily ever after, and in addition, always have abundant power for the fulfillment of wishes!

Today - your birthday, and you may very humble and do not like fuss, but today we must not leave you without your generous attention and hugs! We welcome you, well remember that we wish you happiness - and always be happy! Love your beautiful wife and your children, work hard and reap the deserved fruits of victory, enjoy each unique moment of his long, beautiful life!

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