Happy birthday mom messages

Happy birthday mom messages


The way my mother! Congratulations to you on the birth of a daughter! Let baby grow healthy, happy and beautiful! Let the little princess finds her prince! That every day turned her into a fairy tale and no evil fairy is not prevented!

Miles my mum!
Among a number of everyday life with all problems, concerns and bustle I do not have time to tell you how I love you. Know what I think about you when realize good deeds in the hope that you would have been proud of me. I think about you when it comes to blush for myself before someone feeling guilty and before you. I think about you when I was scared or hurt and when I feel good. Even if I do not call you every day, know that everything that was happening to me, I'm sharing it with you also, as before this world you shared with me. While you're there, I still can! I want you to be healthy and happy! Happy Birthday to you, my mother!

The way my mother.
On this bright sunny day, we want to congratulate you with the best holiday on earth, happy you were born. I want to tell you that we love you with all my heart and soul. After all, you're the only and unique. You're very sweet and beautiful, very good and fair. Thank you, Mother - for your kindness, for warmth, for love, affection, care about us. We wholeheartedly wish you health, peace of mind, and of patience for another year ... to your next birthday. Happy Birthday loved our mother!

The word "mother" in everyone's life first, favorite, most importantly, it is crucial! Without a mother, her love, care, support and understanding can not cope any living creature around the globe! This word and way of worship, praise and adore him! Thank you dear, for the warmth of your hands, the breadth of mind and a loving heart, for Your infinite and selfless love, sleepless nights and happy days! Shall keep thee, gives harmony, health and happiness! Happy Birthday!

Dear Mom!
I am very difficult to find words to express my gratitude to you all and love! So let just thank you for everything you did for me and sincerely congratulate you on the day you were born! You're the best mom in the whole world! Be healthy and happy!

Road and loved my mother!
In this joyful, bright day, the sun even shone for you very clearly, leaving only warm your heart and affection. And we would like to, as well as all living things sun gives its heat and light, you're the same as always, gave us his caring, gentle hands tenderness and love! I sincerely wish to remain always the same charming, sympathetic, kind and fun! Happy Birthday Mom! Let life you will only light days!

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