Happy birthday dad images

Happy birthday dad images


I want to say thank you father for what he strongly instilled us diligence, oriented us to the self, to achieve professionalism and friendly attitude to people, but it is a necessary foundation for happiness of the community or any person.

Our Beloved Dad! Congratulations to you on your Birthday! You always taught us good things! We wish you joy and happiness! And most importantly, health! May you always smiled and had fun! We love you very, very like!

Dad, you brave, brave, the strongest dad in the world! We love you and appreciate! You're the best! Happy Birthday to you!

We were successful, and learned to appreciate the good care, make decisions and take responsibility for their actions. I do not know what we were, if we had no particles you - beautiful, intelligent, wise man, if we did not know your care and love for us. His actions you taught us not to turn away from the people, to be a support for the family. Today we wish you good health, long happy years and not lose under any circumstances your optimism. We love you!

Dad! I want you to know how much I love you, My love for you immeasurable, my respect for you is boundless, my endless delight you! I congratulate you on your birthday and wish you to be as strong, wise, powerful and generous that I know you. I love you, Dad!

Loved, irreplaceable, precious father Happy happy birthday. We wish optimism and success in work, love, care and understanding, obedient children (us), large catches in fishing. You're the best father in the world! We love you too and appreciate!

Dear dad. I congratulate you on holiday, Happy Birthday! In difficult times I can always count on your help and support! You are always glad to my success, and I promise that I will not disappoint you!

Our beloved Daddy, we welcome you with the day you were born! You have always been an example for us of how to be a real man! We want you to be just as energetic and not lose your optimism!

Father and mother of our two founders: we are born physically and spiritually born under their influence and example, they largely determine our attitudes, behavioral patterns, and more. And here I am with a great sense of double say for the health of my dear father! For the health of my dear father!

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