Birthday greeting for lover

Birthday greeting for lover


I'm overjoyed by the fact that we met with you that Her Majesty Fate brought us together and we love each other! On your birthday I wish you only the best, you certainly deserves it! Do not worry, strive forward to victories, both in career and in relationships. Happy Birthday!

Today I want to congratulate you, my beloved! With wonderful holiday, happy you were born! I wish you luck in all your endeavors, success in business, recognition and respect for fellow friends! Be kind and good man, kiss you a million times your age!

My cute! I want to greet you a happy birthday! Stay in the same sport, playful and creative! I'm so pleased to be with you there, feel the warmth of your body and hear your voice. I did not scary when we are together! Kiss and tightly hug, your little!

I want to congratulate on his jam my beloved boyfriend! Thank you for what you are, because no matter what you're next! I want you to note their holiday really fun, unusual and interesting! Let you to come to visit only true friends and loved ones! I love you and miss you too!

You know, recently I noticed that despite you understand - not all princes on white horses died in this heartless world. At least one remained exactly true, and believe me, my dear, I have never and will not give him to anyone. Today is their birthday. Happy cute my prince!

My pleasure, I have long thought that you donate. At first I wanted to give myself tied a red ribbon with a big bow, but then remembered that you can not give people what already belongs to him as inseparable. So have to think on, but for now - Happy Birthday to you, my love!

I've been looking for happiness, chasing after him, and again I was wrong. And it quietly came into my life and then I realized - that's it. Even rainbow seemed black and white compared to my happiness. This happiness you gave me. And his name is - love. Happy birthday, my best and naykohanishyy man in the world!

I am impressed you in a whole palette of good quality and a distinct masculine magnetism, your confidence in the future! Optimistic outlook on life situations and positive assessment of real events. I appreciate your society and the ability to stay close to my favorite! I congratulate you happy birthday!

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