Birthday anniversary wishes

Birthday anniversary wishes


My dear mother! I congratulate you on 45 th anniversary! Thank you for your care, kindness and understanding! Sorry that I have not always listen to your advice. I wish you joy, happiness and success! I really appreciate you, mom!

Dear mother, I congratulate you on the anniversary! You - the best mother in the world. Stay healthy, happy and cheerful. A little more smile, less zasmuchuysya. I love you very much and always want to be with you! Your daughter.

Mother, my mother, you have a wonderful holiday today - Birthday! You turned 55 years old, is just a great date - two Pyaterochka! I want you to wish that your whole life was just five, so you do not care led up to the forces at all enough! Thank you for your love and affection! We love you too!

Mom, I congratulate you on the anniversary! Stay as beautiful, happy and well! Thank you for the love and understanding for the fact that you're always ready to be next! Good luck, health, long life! You're better than anyone in the world! I love you very much!

There is a legend: the Mongol Khan Tokhtamysh always drove a branch of wormwood. Bag in which he kept a branch not trust anyone and when he was hard, he stopped and smelled bitter wormwood flavor! He became easier, and it took the village by village, city by city, getting pobedu.Kohda once asked him the secret of his success, he took wormwood and said, "In it, because it keeps the spirit of the mother."
Today we gathered at my mother's Jubilee! So drink the same for our mother, who heart is always with us and protects us from troubles, wherever we are! Because a mother's love is stronger all the troubles and hardships! For you, Mom!

Myla and expensive, our mother! Today is such a wonderful holiday - your birthday! And not just as an anniversary! But do not believe that it took half a century! You're the same cheerful, funny, cheerful! You set an example to us all how to enjoy life, how to help family and friends. To thee we seek to share the joy and consolation in sad moments. You - the center of gravity of our family! We all welcome you heartily wish health, happiness and to be our favorite sun always!

(Name), I sincerely want to congratulate you on your birthday. Let this important date will bring you a lot of success and open new opportunities for you. let you always accompanies joy and happiness, and you ignore the failure side. Happy holiday!

Dear friend, I heartily congratulate you on your holiday! Today is your birthday, so a walk to fame. You can be sure that you are a wonderful person and a true friend. But I wish you not only happiness and health, but understanding and fulfillment of all desires. Happy anniversary!

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