Happy birthday congratulations

Happy birthday congratulations


In your commemorative twenty-five years
you fell lucky ticket. Pays your money is much better - will be more opportunities for different! Hello!

Today you 16!
Welcome. Oh, these 16 poets sung. "The life time is '16 ', as if 17 is doubled. 16 - Special Number, looks beautiful and elegant as a man in this age.

Happy Birthday!
Let the soul is filled with the melody of happiness! New achievements and victories! 25 - it is a beginning of a new life, new happiness! Strive to it!

Happy 19th so happy birthday!
I wish you great happiness, indulgence by Mrs. Good luck and success in career and home affairs;

We welcome you to the 18th anniversary!
We love you too. You give us your warmth, you - the source of all good things for us. Stay young, beautiful, healthy and cheerful!

Today you 25.
What a beautiful date. So let everything in life can not right the first time, let those obstacles that will meet on your way, only strengthen your spirit and make you stronger. Happy Birthday.

I congratulate you on the 30th anniversary and wish
that every day of your life was filled with optimism, fresh ideas and interesting meetings. May be you good health and cheerful mood. Another wish that every morning you met bright sunlight and smiles of loved ones.
I wish you great happiness, luck. To success and luck always yours inseparable companions. And any life difficulties were transient and instantly overcome.


We welcome you to the 25th anniversary.
We wish you all to please their success, choose your path and do not follow the retreat was the call of the heart! Let your life be a lot of bright, color! Do not worry never believe in themselves! Let the next will always be your friends close, ready to support, to comfort and cheer! Good luck!

Wish want day 30 years!
Let accumulated experience and wisdom will reach new heights!
Let come true innermost desires and aspirations to continue the good things are in your life and prymnozhatsya moments of joy, love and optimism.

Congratulations on a great date - 35 years!
35 - the bloom of feminine beauty, creative power and inexhaustible energy,
35 - a grandiose plans and romantic dreams,
35 - a combination of adult behavior and almost childish joy of life.
35 - the wonderful age when you are no longer a child but not quite grown up and can afford antics and quirks
35 - it's just great!
We wish you a great health and success always and everywhere, a great love and family happiness. Want your every day be filled with love and joy, recognition and warmth. Let fate and helps keep you around..........

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