70th Birthday Cards from Greeting Card Universe

70th Birthday Cards from Greeting Card Universe


Let this anniversary
the most wonderful and memorable days of good. I wish that this day your house was filled with loud laughter of your children and grandchildren. And that pride of yours for life lived was filled with joy and happiness.

70 anniversary -
a celebration held fully woman, wife, mother, grandmother, and keepers of the hearth family. With great love and gratitude I wish for many years to warm the hearts of people near and dear to their happiness and presence!

Dear (name)!
In the witty French are golden words: "If youth knew, if age could." But there are periods in life when experience and the power can go hand in hand. This age can be called the happiest, it combines two good words "no" and "no." So live in the present and easy and pleasant: not all available and all is clear. If your life will offer some hard puzzles, then you are not hard to solve. After all, you are 50! But even if the youth call, you can easily become of her in a row. After all, you have 50!

Road yuvilyarka! Your anniversary served as a great reason for friends to gather family and friends for the holiday table. And to this day, Please accept my sincere greetings and good wishes, gratitude and true love. Despite concerns that lay on your fragile shoulders, you have always been for us a stronghold of tolerance, gentleness, goodness. In a team you are not just running, but as it belongs only to you - with great tact, charm, patiently and responsibly, creatively and with the impact of physical and mental strength. We are always happy to come to your welcoming and comfortable home where there is tenderness and care. And on that day please accept our wishes. Good luck and good luck and new achievements, peace and prosperity in the house of love and beauty!

Our favorite and expensive yuvilyarka! I warmly congratulate you on your holiday. We wish to remain the same cheerful, beautiful and confident. Another wish health, good luck, success, career development and implementation of the entire plan. Your personal understanding will allow you to build your very own destiny. So let life be for you generous and gracious, give health and success, peace, confidence and inner harmony. Let every passing year added not age and life-world, luck, optimism, and faith in the best. And you love that inspires and fulfills the meaning of all desire. Congratulations to you!

I do not know when and who started a tradition of jubilee summarize. And I suggest to start building new plans. I sincerely wish you new successes and achievements, interesting events in life, happiness and health. May all your wishes and dreams come true, and, as long as you always wanted to dream. And for that you have everything - a family favorite, interesting work, good health and financial well-being. Take care of what you have, multiply, rejoice every day, always start it with a smile, meet with head held high test proud achievements. I wish you a beautiful, interesting, full of love and positive life!

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